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Consulting and Planning Services


Our portfolio of technology consulting services is designed to provide strategy, assessment, design and best practices.  Projects are conducted in a vendor independent fashion, making technology and process recommendations that best fit to clients’ business goals.

Our Technology Consulting Services Approach: 


Strategic Planning - map client`s business objectives to infrastructure and application requirements; define IT project goals: identify critical dependencies; develop business justification.


Measurements & Discovery - gather data required to perform analysis and solution design: conduct interviews and provide professional facilitation.


Analysis and Assessment - synthesize information: conduct additional research and interviews as may be required.


Solution Design - conduct technology overview workshops: formulate design deliverables and plans.


To identify the most appropriate solution, we conduct an in-depth investigation of your current IT environment. Our specialists take the time to understand the issues, through meetings with those responsible for business, IT strategy and operations, then design the technology to addess those issues. Once we have sized up your current environment and requirements, we apply our product and industry knowledge to provide you with an assessment on available solutions and best practices, and to design the optimal solution. We take care to ensure that the design not only suits today`s requirements, but is scalable to support future needs, as your business evolves. 


The benefits of this thorough process include immediate cost and time savings. Wea do all the work, allowing our clients to remain focused on succeeding at their core business initiatives. By expediting the transfer of knowledge through education and training, we empower our clients to accelerate their decision making process, to implement the appropriate solutions and gain business value.