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Cloud Computing


Cloud Computing model and technologies are making an undeniable distinct approach to modernizing the Information Systems' Infrastructures.


Performance, since 2008, has been using virtualization and Cloud Computing evolving principles and technologies to provide customers with practical solutions and services to carrying out their IT-as-a-Service paradigm.


Performance team members continuously evaluate and develop a choice of technologies, best practices, and real-world business case scenarios to optimize the selection and implementation of solutions within our Clients' environments.    


Cloud computing can empower the business to innovate in new and profound ways:

• Explore innovative ideas by quickly building and “live beta testing” solutions with little risk, IT involvement or cost

• Gain deeper insight from complex analytics on extremely large datasets in an accelerated timeframe

• Extend collaboration and information access to customers, partners and employees anywhere, anytime, from any device

• Bring new innovative products and services to market 


Cloud computing clearly presents several economic and business benefits. However, in practice, it also presents challenges that can diminish the benefits realized. Its ease of self-service provisioning and management can complicate enterprise architecture and IT governance processes while fundamentally altering how the business and IT interact. Effective change management is critical to ensure success. 


Performance designs and implements, Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructures.


With Private Cloud solutions Enterprises will be able though, to continue managing their internal IT infrastructure. And with Hybrid Cloud, they will be capable of e.g. transferring non-critical data processing and/or storage between Private and Public Cloud, while keeping in-house business critical applications and data.


Performance will assist you with appropriate solutions to:

• Classifying resources for Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud;

• Designing and integrating infrastructure Cloud;

• Setting and/or optimizing the Virtual Data Center operations (VDC Ops);

• Building your Hybrid Cloud by selecting the right Cloud Services Providers

• Opting for the best fitting and hypervisor-agnostic provisioning system a.k.a. Orchestrator / Cloud OS, such as:


o Red Hat CloudStack

o Citrix CloudPlatform

o Vmware vCloud Director





Cloud Computing