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Desktop Virtualization


Whether you`re exploring the possibility of a virtualized desktop implementation, expanding your existing virtualization solution to your desktop environment, or standardizing on desktop virtualization across your entire IT infrastructure, Performance Technologies can add strategic value at every step of the process. Drawing on the broad experience of many customer implementations, Performance Technologies consultants will focus on the application of Desktop Virtualization technology in your IT environment to solve your specific business challenges.

Performance Technologies can plan, design and build your desktop virtualization infrastructure and will:
• Accelerate the rollout and reduce the risk of the move to a virtual desktop infrastructure.
• Develop and standardize on repeatable, efficient provisioning processes for virtual desktops.
• Improve desktop security and business continuity while gaining greater control over your desktop infrastructure.
• Leverage industry best practices, and the in-depth expertise of our consultants to deploy your desktop infrastructure successfully.

Virtualize Desktops and Applications for Improved Business Continuity

Deploy desktops faster and improve business continuity and disaster recovery while reducing capital and operating system costs through desktop and application virtualization. Migrate and upgrade operating systems and applications with less downtime, eliminate the need to recode, retest and recertify applications, and get more out of your existing desktop assets.

Reduce the need for IT admin staff at remote and branch offices by delivering virtual desktops to remote and temporary users while protecting corporate data. Centralize desktop management and speed up desktop deployments while reducing both operating and support costs.

The Business Process Desktop
Increase profitability by driving down costs, reducing risk and improving worker productivity when you deliver desktops as a managed service from the datacenter. Desktop and application virtualization solutions, create a more flexible and secure business IT infrastructure so you can quickly respond to changing business and end user needs.
• Enhance user access with the mobile secure desktop.
• Drive higher SLAs at lower costs with the business process desktop.
• Centralize IT management with the branch office desktop.

The use of outsourcing is expanding rapidly and today’s business process outsourcing (BPO) buyers and providers are increasingly looking for ways to increase revenues, decrease costs, and bolster worker productivity. But for IT organizations, attaining these goals can be challenging. Traditional PC environments are often locally managed which is costly and resource intensive. Data stored locally on endpoints poses a greater security risk for the business and can, in the event of a security breach, jeopardize the reputation of the BPO. Remote access across the WAN is costly and if not sized correctly can often impede productivity and worker performance. In order to achieve business objectives and remain competitive, BPO IT organizations need to rethink how services are delivered to end users, how data is secured, and how technology platforms are rolled out and integrated. By virtualizing desktops, organizations can now centralize desktop management and provide unparalleled desktop and application access across the LAN and WAN. With the Business Process Desktop, processes are automated and efficient, data is secure, and the total cost of ownership is reduced by as much as 50%.

Key benefits
• Reduce operating costs by centralizing and streamlining desktop management and support.
• Provide uninterrupted uptime across remote locations to drive higher SLAs.
• Rapidly scale to accommodate changing needs or new client contracts.
• Enhance data security and compliance by centralizing data in the datacenter.

Desktop Virtualization

Delivering desktops as a managed service lets you create a more flexible IT infrastructure so you can help your business respond more quickly to market changes and opportunities. Deploy applications and desktops faster and more consistently to a wider variety of clients, lowering costs while improving service levels. Extend the life of legacy applications and eliminate installation conflicts by virtualizing applications. For remote and branch offices, move your desktops into the cloud and deliver them as a managed service wherever they`re needed while retaining the control and security you need.

• Streamline deployment and management by delivering desktops as a service.
• Give secure remote access to teleworkers and temporary workers without sacrificing performance or security.

• Desktop Virtualization Implementation Services