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The full promise of cloud computing can only be achieved via modern software engineering and IT Operations practices, and through a paradigm shift in how we approach the design, development, and deployment of digital services and products.

Kyndryl and Performance Technologies bring you Cloud•Next, an event, where you will have the opportunity to discuss key considerations and steps for your own path to cloud–native, and will also be updated on the status quo of AIOps, IT Automation, container platforms, and DevOps.

Join us to see engineers from Kyndryl, Performance Technologies, Red Hat, and Dynatrace discuss such subjects; and even better, chat with us one-to-one about your specific inquiries during the lunch that will follow.

Cloud•Next subjects

For our first Cloud•Next event we focus on typical first steps in modern engineering & modernization.

Take your next cloud steps

f2f event

Cloud•Next – Cyprus

During this “cosy” face-to-face event you will have the opportunity to hear what leaders are doing in the crucial domains of software intelligence, IT automation, AIOps, container platforms, and DevOps.

Even better, you are welcome to join us in conversation about what these technologies and practices mean for enterprises that operate in Cyprus and beyond, and how you can plot a practical and sustainable path to a cloud-native future.

These are exciting engineering topics that we will be delighted to discuss with you, and our colleagues from Kyndryl, Performance, Red Hat and Dynatrace.

▶︎ Meet us at Palaia Elia — Stadiou 44 Strovolos, Nicosia

Join us!
Nov. 29 @ 10:30 AM


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Dowload the detailed Agenda

Don’t miss our two panels with leaders from hellenic enterprises and industry veterans from world–class vendors!

Cloud–101 Agenda:

A pragmatic "state–of–cloud" overview

A realistic outline of cloud adoption patterns for the greek enterprise and typical approaches to a successful application and workload migration.

Common first steps to consider

A summary of how to prepare your cloud infrastructure, assess and plan app modernization, unlock the power of automation, and manage hybrid and multi-cloud operations.

Planning & running your new "home"

A brief discussion of cloud adoption frameworks and landing zone design and how they help us migrate applications and data to a public or private cloud successfully.

Modern workload migration assessment

An approach that allows you to test and validate your most significant assumptions about migration early on so that you can move forward in the right direction; with minimal risk.

Panel: Real–world cloud experiences

Follow a discussion where greek enterprise IT leaders share their experiences and how they overcame the challenges that come with cloud computing.

Hyperconverged & cloud–native foundation

See how hyperconverged infrastructure and container platforms can help your organization launch and sustain a successful cloud adoption strategy.

Automation: A critical cloud component

Follow us through some major cloud automation benefits and use cases, and find out why it is essential for any adoption strategy.

Hybrid & multi–cloud management

Learn about the significant management and governance issues that hybrid and multi-cloud present and respond to them successfully.

Next-generation cloud monitoring

See how you can mitigate cloud complexity with next-generation monitoring and improve observability, automation, and cloud-native application security in one platform.