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Automate the trivial, focus on the important

We are on a mission to empower any marketing and commercial team to make better, data–driven, decisions by using modern analytics and AI tools and solutions. The first step to achieving this is by automating big parts of the “getting, cleaning, and preparing data” process, in order to curb manual labor and minimize potential errors. Automation will save you time to work on important analytics issues and will also offer greater confidence in your data.

analytics: a core capacity for all organizations

Apart from partnering with leading software and service vendors, we follow a pragmatic approach that focuses on getting immediate results for your stakeholders, and on saving time that you can invest in continuously improving your analytics know–how. In short, we believe that data–driven decison making is a core capacity for all enterprises; one that should be supported and nourished, but not outsourced.

March 29th — 10:30 AM

Join us for a webinar and see how you can tune your marketing analytics via automation and easy to deploy customer insight solutions


Collect & prepare raw data

Connect to 500+ platforms and pull the data you want into a central database. Also automate the process of cleaning, mapping, and transforming raw data using custom rules.

Deliver business–ready data

Provide complete, cleaned, and business-ready data to any team that needs it in any way they need to have it. Use a single foundation to deliver data to the single analyst or to a team working on AI models.

Explore, analyze, experiment

Use modern visual analytics, statistical, and AI tools to scan and examine patterns and connections in your data, find and study associations, trends and projections, and test ideas, hypotheses and hunches.

Deploy actionable analytics

Design and deploy ready–to–use marketing tools such as KPI dashboards, segmentation tables, full–funnel customer journey and ROI graphs, interactive campaign and sales forecast models, and more.

We partner with analytics and AI market leaders

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