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Dataiku brings the power of data-driven decisions to the whole organization

Two out of three executives believe that AI is becoming ever more critical for their industry; almost 9 out of 10 believe that data analytics is crucial for business success. However, less than 30% think that their organization is reaping the benefits of BI and related analytics solutions; even fewer –about 1 in 10– express confidence in the ability of their organizations to capitalize on AI technology and techniques.

Dataiku helps you close this capacity gap by providing a comprehensive data analytics and AI platform that also offers unprecedented collaboration and visibility across engineering, data science, and business stakeholders. In addition, the “democratization” of data analytics and AI allows your organization to shift from a lab–like mode to a fully operationalized, data-driven decision-making culture.

In Greece, Dataiku has partnered with Performance Technologies to help local enterprises to get to where they want to be, vis–á–vis their data analytics and AI capabilities and where they stand today.

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Trusted by enterprises across industries and across the world

Enabling Organizations to Achieve Everyday AI

Designed for teams that want to deliver advanced analytics solutions and products quickly, using the latest techniques and at true enterprise scale

Enterprise-Class Collaboration

Dataiku makes data and AI projects a team sport, bringing intelligence to all — from AI builders to AI consumers.


Manage risk and ensure compliance at scale across the organization with advanced enterprise features.


Understand model outputs, increase trust, eliminate bias, and cultivate open cooperation and sharing.

Flexible Architecture

Deliver results on data science, machine learning, and AI initiatives at scale on any cloud platform or on-premise.

Dataiku offers a single –and central– platform for designing, engineering, deploying, and managing your data and AI solutions and products.

And it integrates and works with all major data sources, ML backends, development environments, and tools.

Data Preparation

Connect, cleanse, and prepare data for analytics and machine learning projects at scale.


Explore and create statistical analysis, charts, and dashboards to understand and share insights.

Machine Learning

Build advanced machine learning models using the latest tools and techniques.


Automate your data pipelines for clean and timely data across the enterprise.


Deploy, monitor, manage, and govern machine learning projects in production.

Analytic Apps

Deploy analytic dashboards and applications for business users across your organization.

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Learn more about the data and AI platform that is a leader in Gartner and Forrester reports, and has gained the trust of 100s of enterprises around the world.

• Introduction to the Dataiku platform
• Why Dataiku is ideal for the Greek enterprise
• What differentiates it from other solutions
• Industry specific sample use cases
• The right Dataiku cloud deployment for you
Dataiku Webinar