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Cybersecurity in the hybrid era is a competitive advantage

The hybrid cloud and the work era present new security challenges for organizations. As more and more devices and services are connected, the attack surface grows more extensive and complex. And with the expansion of cloud-based services, it’s becoming easier for attackers to gain access to sensitive data.

Our “Guard•Next” event is all about taking a more holistic view of cybersecurity, which encompasses the network, end-point, cloud, and software engineering itself.

Join us and listen to engineers and leaders from greek enterprises and Performance Technologies discuss new challenges and solutions.

Guard•Next subjects

The Guard•Next agenda touches upon multiple topics of interest to anyone looking to understand better the essential changes in a period of hybrid cloud and hybrid work and who also wants to catch a glimpse of relevant cybersecurity solutions from leading vendors. Please check out the full agenda below for more details.

Dowload the detailed Agenda

Don’t miss the “Real–world cloud experiences” panel, during which you can see a discussion where Greek enterprise IT leaders share their experiences and how they overcame the challenges that come with cloud computing

Dowload the detailed Agenda

Don’t miss the “Real–world experiences” panel, during which you can see a discussion where Greek enterprise IT leaders share their experiences and how they overcame the security challenges that the hybrid era brings.

Guard•Next Agenda:

Protecting employees and assets in the hybrid workplace

As the workplace evolves, so too do the risks faced by businesses and their employees. Check how to safeguard against these new risks, by implementing advanced end user computing solutions.

Security Awareness Trainings & Phishing Simulation Campaigns

According to the study, 94% of Organizations who conduct security awareness training and phishing simulation campaigns see a reduction in incidents. Find out how you can also benefit from this approach.

DevSecOps – Modern software engineering and security

DevSecOps has become increasingly popular in recent years as organizations strive to meet the demands of the digital economy. Check out this session for some insights that will help in your first DevSecOps steps.

Industry Leader round-table discussion

Today's cyber landscape is ever-changing and complex. Join us as we hear from some of the top minds in the industry as they discuss modern cybersecurity concerns and developments.

Hybrid cloud networking and distributed firewalling

Learn about hybrid cloud networking and distributed firewalling to improve your organization's security posture. Discover how to configure and deploy these technologies to secure hybrid cloud environments.

Security for cloud landing zones

The cloud provides massive scale and unprecedented agility for organizations looking to accelerate their business. Learn what you can do for cybersecuity as you move more of your workloads and data to the cloud.

Managed cybersecurity services

See how our managed cybersecurity services can help you keep your business safe, and check out the advanced new features that take your hybrid–era protection to the next level.

Data lifecycle management solutions and security

Learn about data lifecycle management solutions and security. Discover how to keep your data secure at every stage, from creation to disposal.

Advanced data protection

Discover how to protect your data, automate compliance auditing and reporting, monitor user activity and respond to threats in real time