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Full-stack, enterprise observability

Resource oversight & cost optimization

Proactive resolution and remediation

Proactive, continuous application performance with IBM AIOps

IBM helps you deal with increasing IT Ops complexity in a modern way. These solutions help IT teams make decisions quicker, work more efficiently, and improve service delivery levels.

IBM has a unique portfolio of advanced IT Ops tools that allow enterprises to adopt a modern approach in dealing with these challenges.

These solutions focus on (a) quicker decision making, via advanced observability and AI assisted problem definition, (b) higher efficiency, via better resource monitoring, optimization and dynamic allocation, and (c) higher overall service delivery levels, through proactive operations analytics.

We see about 100.000 events per day. It is so important in this huge ocean to identify exactly the drop of venom that you have to remove to save your life.

Joska Lot — Global Solution Service Architect, Electrolux AB

Take your AIOps to the next level

f2f event

Next generation AIOps with IBM

As companies keep improving and making new apps and services, everything is becoming more complicated. This complexity is also why there is so much data that needs to be monitored and managed. It also becomes harder for teams to manage all the information and data, and there is too much for humans to do on their own. In the end it makes it harder for IT, development, and security teams to deliver features and value as fast as the business and customers want them to.

Join us for a brief introduction to the overall IBM AIOps portfolio and targeted presentations of Instana, Turbonomic, and Watson for AIOps. And discuss your questions with engineers from IBM, Adaptera and Performance during the casual light lunch that will follow the presentations.

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Nov. 24 @ 10:00 AM


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