Data Center Transformation

With increased demand to update core applications, overcome big data challenges and migration to the cloud, Performance Technologies delivers the right compute—and expertise—to transform your data center.

IT today can be a strategic asset for your business. With the right infrastructure, IT can be a competitive advantage and a catalyst for innovation. Your datacenter is at the center of it all. The datacenter is the hub for everything you offer the business—the foundation for every service you offer. If you’re going to keep up with demand, your infrastructure can’t be limited by the restrictions of the past. You have to be able to take everything you know and own today and move forward with an optimized infrastructure that is capable of handling changing needs and unexpected opportunities. And cloud should be part of your toolkit, letting you rapidly scale up and scale down while keeping costs low.

Data Center Transformation drives greater agility and cost savings with modernized infrastructure elements that can deliver improved performance, often coupled with reduced power and cooling requirements. In addition, Data Center Transformation frees up staff time previously dedicated to maintenance activities, allowing more human capital to be focused on innovation and new business-centric projects.

Why should I consider Data Center Transformation?

Established organizations typically contend with traditional systems that house critical data. These systems are far less efficient than modern systems, requiring time-consuming manual interaction to manage or update. Modern All-Flash storage arrays and converged or hyper-converged systems are far more efficient due to their substantial performance capabilities, improved power and cooling envelopes and enhanced manageability.

While most IT organizations may not have the luxury to rip and replace all existing systems in favor of modern infrastructure, phased implementation when deploying new projects or during planned refresh cycles can still result in sizeable operational cost savings.

Benefits of Data Center Transformation

Data Center Transformation is a straightforward process of infrastructure modernization and the utilization of data center management automation to:

  • Improve IT agility
  • Deliver greater IT efficiency
  • Reduce manual-intensive maintenance activities
  • Optimize power and cooling
  • Reduce operational costs

Modern Data Center Solutions: Gain Flexibility, Speed, and Agility

Today’s digital transformation is driving rapid and fundamental changes in businesses and their operating models. To support this, IT must similarly transform its data centers. Performance Technologies enables IT organizations to modernize data centers and deliver IT infrastructure and application services with the speed and agility to support business innovation and growth while optimizing total cost of ownership.

Enterprises are eager to transform to future ready digital enterprise. To achieve this, it is critical to transform the data center and embrace the cloud environments right for your organization.

Performance designs and implements, Public, Private and Hybrid Cloud Infrastructures.

With Private Cloud solutions Enterprises will be able though, to continue managing their internal IT infrastructure. And with Hybrid Cloud, they will be capable of e.g. transferring non-critical data processing and/or storage between Private and Public Cloud, while keeping in-house business critical applications and data.

Performance will assist you with appropriate solutions to:

  • Classifying resources for Private, Public and Hybrid Cloud;
  • Designing and integrating infrastructure Cloud;
  • Setting and/or optimizing the Virtual Data Center operations (VDC Ops);
  • Building your Hybrid Cloud by selecting the right Cloud Services Providers
  • Opting for the best fitting and hypervisor-agnostic provisioning system a.k.a. Orchestrator / Cloud OS, such as:
    •  Red Hat CloudStack
    •  Citrix CloudPlatform
    •  Vmware vCloud Director
    •  Micro Focus CSA