Data Protection

In our current knowledge-based business environment, at PERFORMANCE we know how valuable data are to businesses today. With our enterprise backup and replication services, you can be assured that your data are not only secured and safe but are also available to you when you need it.

Protect and recover critical data and systems

Prepare for and recover from the effects of equipment failure or accidental loss of data with consistent and reliable data protection that improves the efficiency of systems and staff.

  • Ensure reliable and fast data, system, and application recovery.
  • Improve recovery times, reduce storage consumption, and centralize data from remote offices.
  • Improve operational efficiency with data protection software offering automated backup tasks, simplified management, and recovery in minutes – not hours or days.
  • Protect and recover both physical and virtual systems using Symantec’s Granular Restore Technology, a best-in-class data protection solution.

The amount of data your organization maintains on disks is growing at a dramatic rate. Database volumes are doubling or tripling every 12 months, while IT resources remain the same. The backup windows / down-time needed to perform regular backup procedures is becoming harder and harder to find. Continuous developments in storage technology are adding new layers of complexity to rapidly evolving IT infrastructures. There is a growing need to be able to administer and control all backup operations in the organization from a central location. PERFORMANCE can solve these problems by offering a full Data Protection implementation service tailored to the client`s specific needs.

Enterprise Data Protection Implementation Service Elements

PERFORMANCE implementation professionals have an excellent track record in integrating, installing, and testing most leading enterprise Backup & Recovery solutions. The B&R solution is an integral and most essential component of the organization`s Data Protection capability. PERFORMANCE professional services consultants provide comprehensive project management ensuring that enterprise backup best practices are followed, data recovery is thoroughly tested, the backup environment is well documented, and the client`s staff is trained and prepared to assume responsibility of the project.

The following are the key elements of PERFORMANCE Data Protection Implementation Service:

Project Planning: Comprehensive Backup and Recovery solutions that address the needs of a large organization often require the involvement of multiple IT vendors. PERFORMANCE can provide the project planning services necessary to coordinate different project resources, thus ensuring timely results and full customer satisfaction. PERFORMANCE assigns an experienced project manager to each engagement. This professional is responsible for providing continuous communication between the different suppliers of IT technology and the client, as well as the smooth progression and final acceptance of the project.

Integration: Because today`s Data Protection solutions must be best-in-class, they tend to be heterogeneous when it comes to hardware components such as disk, tape systems and host computers. PERFORMANCE, with its multi-vendor, multi-platform experience and interoperability lab can ensure that all solution components are tested and fully functional prior to delivery.

Deployment: PERFORMANCE service professionals have the expertise and experience to deploy all hardware and software components for today’s most sophisticated, comprehensive Data Protection solutions. Once these components are installed at the client site, PERFORMANCE consultants work with the customer to integrate the solution into the specific IT environment. PERFORMANCE proven methodology for rolling out B&R projects has streamlined the process of getting the solution deployed and fully functional in the minimum possible time.

Acceptance Testing: PERFORMANCE works with the client to create a comprehensive testing plan that verifies the operation and functionality of the backup and recovery solution. After this plan has been completed and the solution tested successfully and signed off, the project is considered “accepted” and handed over to the client by PERFORMANCE.

Documentation: Because backup and recovery solutions tend to be unique to each organization, PERFORMANCE has found that vendor supplied documentation is often inadequate. This is why PERFORMANCE consultants document the solution and create procedural documentation for operational and training purposes.

Knowledge Transfer: Customer training is what makes an enterprise Backup & Recovery solution successful. PERFORMANCE assembles a comprehensive training program that transfers all vital information about the operation of the solution to the people designated to use it. Project teams assigned to work with PERFORMANCE consultants will receive all the training necessary to run the B&R operations efficiently and effectively. Training can be held at the customer site or at PERFORMANCE in-house training facility.

Post-implementation support by a team of experts

PERFORMANCE expertise comes from many years of experience in architecting, implementing and delivering solutions to complex IT problems.   Has been building and maintaining strategic alliances with the industry`s leading storage architects and technology companies such as  Dell EMC, HPE, IBM, Microsoft, Oracle, Quantum, Veritas, VMware and others.

PERFORMANCE offers an integrated family of professional services, managed services, hardware and software tools, specifically designed to help organizations control, deploy, and manage complex IT environments.

PERFORMANCE professionals can provide ongoing post-implementation support to an organization; they can analyze customer objectives and resources, recommend the right steps to streamline operations, provide training to client`s IT staff, and assist to the adoption of best practices for ongoing IT operations and management.