Implementation Services

We provide project implementation services based on our extensive experience, track record and expertise in Virtualization, Cloud building, Enterprise Backup and Recovery, High Availability, Data Replication, Security and ITSM.

Our project implementation services accelerate the deployment of technology within our clients environments. In conjunction with our implementation services, we can undertake to manage and facilitate the acquisition of all hardware and software licenses necessary to implement and manage the complete IT infrastructure.

Our Project Implementation Approach

Project Planning: organize a planning meeting; develop project plans; identify critical dependencies; leverage planning guides.

Integration: acquire and integrate equipment and software; conduct staging, testing and prototyping.

Deployment: engage in onsite configuration, deployment and customization of software.

Acceptance Testing: develop and execute an acceptance and testing plan.

Documentation: document implementation, policies and procedures; complete site guide.

Knowledge Transfer: conduct formal and informal training.

Once a solution path has been selected, the implementation team steps in and uses proven methodology to take ownership of every detail so that there are no surprises. An interactive planning session kicks off the process. We meet with the client`s key staff to answer questions and explain roles and responsibilities. We prepare a customized planning guide that maps out the project goals and the steps to be taken to achieve them.

During the project the communication stream continues. A dedicated project manager, responsible for quality, holds technical meetings with the client`s management to ensure total satisfaction throughout the project lifecycle.

Implementation specialists engage the client`s staff in the hands-on transfer of knowledge and provide a detailed operations environment guide outlining all of the client`s policies and procedures relating to the implemented solution.