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Software Intelligence & Enterprise IT Automation is the core for AIOps

According to Gartner, “AIOps combines big data and machine learning to automate IT operations processes, including event correlation, anomaly detection and causality determination.” In simpler terms, it allows your engineers to detect what is essential within a sea of alerts, prioritize incidents according to their real-world impact, and quickly understand where and what the cause of the problem is. And AIOps can trigger and orchestrate automated remediation and other processes.

Join our first-ever AIOps event to hear our colleagues from Red Hat, and Dynatrace discuss software intelligence, automation, and AIOps. And contribute to a discussion about what all this means and how it can be implemented for the greek enterprise.

Belkacem Moussouni

Head of Business Development, EMEA – Automation & Management ― Red Hat

IT Automation is at the core of every modern software engineering paradigm (i.e., DevOps, IaC, SRE, etc.) and, as such, is a foundation of digital transformation and the adoption of cloud computing best practices. In the enterprise, automation needs to be like a fabric connecting and orchestrating different teams and helps engineers and “citizen developers” break silos and foster innovation.

Belkacem will show us how the Ansible Automation Platform is perfect for the needs of modern enterprises and will offer a high-level vision for IT leaders on making IT automation a center of engineering excellence and innovation.

Sergio Hinojosa

Center of Excellence / Solution Engineering Manager EMEA — Dynatrace

The speed of change and complexity of modern digital environments makes it harder for operations, development, and security teams to follow and manage. As a result, an advanced AIOps foundation is becoming increasingly critical for IT organizations that want to keep up with the challenges and opportunities of the cloud era.

Sergio will explain the benefits of deterministic AI for reducing alert noise and helping engineers find and fix problems in complex software environments. And how a modern observability system can cooperate with automation platforms, like Ansible, to trigger and continuously monitor remediation and other actions.

Thanasis Sioulas

Solutions Architect — ADAPTERA

Hybrid cloud ecosystems consist of several elements and technologies that need to be monitored for true end-to-end visibility. Adaptera uses the Dynatrace platform and combines it with consulting, implementation and support services to achievefull service observability.

Athanasios will present ADAPTERA focus areas and a real use case implementation of how we feed Network Data into Dynatrace Smartscape and AI-based problem identification to enhance root cause analysis and minimize MTTI & MTTR.

Begin your AIOps and Enterprise IT Automation journey

f2f event

Juice IT up with AIOps!

During this “cosy” face-to-face event you will have the opportunity to hear what two technology leaders are doing in the crucial domains of software intelligence, automation, and in AIOps specifically.

Event better, you are welcome to join us in conversation about what these technologies and practices mean for enterprises that operate in Greece, and how you can plot a practical and sustainable path to AIOps driven operations and automation.

These are exciting engineering topics that we will be delighted to discuss with you, and our colleagues from Red Hat and Dynatrace.

▶︎ Meet us at T16 — 16, Tzaferi Str. in Gazi

Join us!
Sept. 22 @ 10:00 AM


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