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DevOps & Test Automation

Today’s organizations and in particular application and QA teams are challenged to balance speed (time to market for the software) and quality to ensure an amazing brand, excellent customer experience and innovative products and services, thus gaining a competitive advantage. For this reason, they are adopting practices like Agile Development and DevOps to get to market faster.

A significant part inside the DevOps value chain is test management. Testing / Quality assurance is the connecting part between the development and operations. There are several types of testing, including unit testing, integration testing, regression testing, etc. Testing – if not done in an efficient manner – can become a bottleneck in the whole process, and hinder the organization’s ability to deploy reliable software in production quickly.

Automation in testing is an important enabler which ensures that quality stays at the center of application delivery. Micro Focus test automation solutions are both proven and well integrated into today’s Agile and DevOps development and testing tool ecosystems. Different testing tools are available for different use cases and stakeholders. Indicatively we have the following categories and tools.

Functional Test Automation solutions including:

  • UFT Pro / LeanFT: Provides a lightweight and developer friendly user experience. UFT Pro is designed to leverage Agile development efforts to shift functional testing earlier in the application lifecycle, supporting unit testing, API testing, functional testing and regression as part of a continuous integration and testing process.
  • UFT Enterprise: Comprehensive and easy to use record and replay framework for the rapid design, development, execution and maintenance of automated GUI-driven functional tests (web and desktop applications), as well as headless API tests.
  • StormRunner Functional: Cloud-based (SaaS) solution for testing web and mobile apps from the cloud.

Performance / Load / Stress Test Automation solutionsincluding:

  • LoadRunner /  Performance Center: The industry standard commercial tool for performance testing, supporting a plethora of application protocols. With an easy-to-use record-and-replay mechanism, LoadRunner can simulate the load of thousands of virtual users and measure the response time of business transactions.
  • StormRunner Load: Based on the heritage of LoadRunner, StormRunner Load provides for a pay-per-use performance testing solution on the cloud, without the need to maintain the infrastructure for load generators.

Mobile App Testing:

  • Ability to run performance or functional tests of mobile applications on Android and IOS devices. Micro Focus Mobile Center acts as a gateway between the test automation tools and real devices, device farms and emulators, allowing for the testing of mobile applications.

Test Augmentation solutions:

  • Network Virtualization: For simulating the impact of network conditions (latency, bandwidth, reliability, etc) to the testing measurements.
  • Service Virtualization: For simulating the behaviour of third-party services or other services that are difficult to include a production environment.

End-to-end Application Lifecycle Management solution:

  • Micro Focus ALM Octane: Solution for managing the complete application lifecycle management: Project / release / requirements / tests / defects management), supporting Agile & DevOps methodologies.

The combination of Micro Focus top-notch Test Automation products and Performance Technologies consulting, implementation and support services can provide for a complete test automation solution serving the needs of any organization. Depending on the customer’s requirements, the Test Automation solution can be either delivered in a traditional project-based approach or as a fully-managed service (test automation as a service), where Performance Technologies undertakes the full responsibility of authoring, maintaining and running the automated tests as part of the customer’s release cycle. Training services are also available for test automation engineers, for enabling the QA teams on creating, maintaining and executing tests.

Performance Technologies has helped many enterprises from different industries (Telecommunications / Service Providers, Gaming, FSI, Retail) deploy test automation solutions and increase the speed and quality of their application delivery lifecycle.