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Expand your network across clouds while increasing security levels

Download slides Attackers are Prolific and Sophisticated 25% των νέων κυβερνοεπιθέσεων ανακαλύπτονται μετά από μια ransomware επίθεση. Λόγω του ότι οι ransomware επιθέσεις έχουν μικρότερο χρόνο δράσης από τους… Read More »Expand your network across clouds while increasing security levels

The Evolution from ITSM to a Digital Workflow Platform

In this session, George Cheimonidis, Innovation & Business Development Manager of Performance Technologies, showcases how ITSM solutions are transforming to powerful digital workflow platforms, which can help bridge processes across IT and business functions, with the purpose of elevating the user experience (employee or customer), achieving efficiencies and facilitating the overall digital and cloud transformation.

Analyze the customer digital journey in real–time

When it comes to designing, building, and operating apps, ecommerce sites, and other end-user digital services, it’s critical to align all business and product teams toward continuously improving customer experience. However, there are two main challenges to doing that today. The important one is cultural, and the second one has to do with technical complexity. A key component to overcoming both challenges and achieving alignment is having a a digital experience monitoring platform that works for all, and for each.