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Data Center Automation

Modern data centers consist of hundreds or thousands of servers using a variety of operating systems and databases: from Microsoft Windows and Linux to proprietary systems such as IBM AIX and HP-UX and from SQL and Oracle to Sybase and DB2. These multivendor environments are very complex and difficult to manage especially from a compliance point of view.

Enterprise customers are looking for a comprehensive and automated solution to keep up with compliance across a plephora of corporate and regulatory policies in these environments. Otherwise they are obliged to apply manual compliance and lengthy security frameworks that consume precious time and are prone to errors. Especially now that recent vulnerabilities like the explosion of ransomware made the need for compliance check and fast remediation even more demanding.

To overcome the above situation Performance Technologies is proposing Micro Focus Data Center Automation (DCA) for centralized compliance, patch management and provisioning. This solution changes radically the way of working and offers:

Regulatory, security, and internal IT compliance.

Run compliance audit across server OS, databases, and middleware. Visualize in a single compliance dashboard and then remediate. Manage by policies and service level objectives.

Proactive vulnerability risk management.

Scan against the latest threats. Prioritize and track top vulnerabilities in a central risk dashboard. Patch according to policies, service level objectives, and maintenance windows.

Enterprise-standard provisioning and configuration.

Standardize at build time, and then scale. Use policy-aware provisioning templates for automated initial enforcement of compliance and patching policies.

With DCA, the benefits for the customers are concrete: significant time and cost savings, increased security due to frequent and consistent vulnerability assessments and patch deployments, confidence in the accuracy of the results, 100% coverage of the production infrastructure, ability to take informed decisions, identify trends and assess risk based on up-to-date information, but most importantly, more time for innovation.

Furthermore the IT is able to provide accurate and up-to-date view of the existing infrastructure status, react fast in newly identified threats and keep the level of infrastructure security as high as possible. At the same time, automating the lifecycle of infrastructure components makes it possible to deploy new services faster and accelerate the time-to-market in a highly competitive environment.

Implementing the DCA solution needs thorough design, deep knowledge of the IT environment and relevant processes and careful management. Sometimes a step by step approach is required in order to move forward safely and to demonstrate gradually the value of the solution. In this area lies the competitive advantage of Performance Technologies: We have the technical skills, the knowledge and the experience and proven record and references to implement such projects assisting the IT of our customers to become a true business enabler.