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Data discovery & Classification

Either as fundamental part of the corporate strategy, or even driven by compliance mandates, all organizations are coming up with a plan and specific measures to protect their most valuable assets. Nowadays, we have realized that data are the crown jewels that should be protected and be kept secure. Data include everything from intellectual property, patterns, personal data, competitive or financial information.  But also, data are everywhere, in corporate premises, cloud applications or mobile devices, making it harder to protect them than before.

And, what about  the most common information security principle that says “You can’t protect what you can’t see.”? There are many uses cases where organizations don’t know what data they own, why they collected them, where they are located, who has access to them etc.

So how can you be sure for the data you possess and protect them accordingly?

We can help you identify the corporate or personal data (for GDPR compliance) that exist anywhere in your corporate environment, in file servers, content management repositories, databases or workstations, by offering you world class data discovery and classification solutions.