Performance is where passionate and talented people come together to make a difference. Be part of a team where people are interested in your ideas, and you have the opportunity to influence decisions throughout the company.

At Performance, you will enjoy an open, flexible, and supportive environment which lets you bring your ideas to life. Our commitment to development and diversity sparks innovation.

If impact, innovation and a winning culture are important to you, consider a career at Performance.

If you are interested in a challenging and rewarding career with Performance Technologies and want to be considered for any position, please upload your CV through the below form. All applications will be treated in confidence.

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By submitting your Curriculum Vitae (CV), you express your interest in being included in the evaluation and selection process to fill both the specific position for which you are submitting your CV, as well as other positions that are currently open or are about to open in the future at PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGIES and which correspond to your qualifications and skills, as they are reflected in your CV. PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGIES will keep your resume in the candidate resume database for a period of twelve (12) months, and will evaluate its content in relation to required qualifications for future jobs, in case you are not selected to participate in the evaluation and selection process for positions that are currently open. After twelve (12) months, your CV will be deleted from the files of PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGIES. If you wish to continue to be included in the process of evaluation and selection of company staff after this time, please resubmit your renewed resume, even if there is no position to cover You can request the deletion of your CV from the files of PERFORMANCE TECHNOLOGIES at any time, sending a relevant email to the email address [email protected] For more information on the processing and protection of personal data and your rights under the applicable legal framework, please follow the link