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Data protection & Availability

Data are critical for the operation and the success of the business. Therefore, enterprises invest and take the appropriate precautions to protect them and to make them available in time, in case of inevitable disasters. From the accidental loss of a single file to the complete destruction of a data center, data should be recovered in a fast and secure way so the business will continue.  
Although the importance of the data is well understood, data protection solutions implemented by the IT departments have to deal with several challenges, such as:
– The amount of data today’s organizations maintain on disks is growing at a dramatic rate. Database volumes are doubling or tripling every 12 months, while several copies of data should be kept for weeks or months for retention reasons.
–  The backup windows / down-time needed to perform regular backup procedures is becoming harder and harder to find.
–  Continuous developments in storage technology are adding new layers of complexity to rapidly evolving IT infrastructures.
– There is an increasing growing need to consolidate backup operations and to be able to administer and control all of them in the organization from a central location.
At PERFORMANCE we know how valuable data are to business today. With our enterprise backup and replication services, we can assure you that your data are not only secured and safe but are also available to you when you need it.
PERFORMANCE services cover all aspects of data protection and recovery: From the assessment of the existing situation of our customers to understand their specific needs and requirements, to the design of the backup policies and the deployment and testing of the services till they are put in operation. The backup service can be delivered as a one off project including knowledge transfer and post implementation support from PERFORMANCE or as a managed service where PERFORMANCE undertakes the full responsibility of the customer backup and restore operation.
PERFORMANCE differentiation compared with other providers offering similar services is based on the following facts:
– We have a very long experience and proven record of successful delivery of such projects, ranging from small enterprises up to organizations with thousands of users with very complex and demanding infrastructures.

– We have an excellent knowledge of data protection solutions from the biggest vendors of the market such as Symantec, Veritas, Dell EMC, IBM, MicroFocus, Zerto, Veeam and very good cooperation with all of them. However we are not tied with a specific vendor and we are ready to implement the appropriate solution that suits the unique environment of each of our customers.

– For us data protection is not an ad hoc activity but an integral and very important part of our portfolio of services. We are constantly updated concerning the latest evolvements in this area, we invest in developing our engineers and project managers, we improve continuously our methodology and practices so we are able to deliver services and solutions that are compliant with industry best practices ensuring the protection and the availability of the best asset of our customers, their data.