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“[For] six years in a row, we found that speed and stability move together: teams that ship code more often, in smaller bites, also see more stable releases. And teams that see more stable and reliable code are the ones shipping more often.”

— Nicole Forsgren

VP of Research and Strategy at GitHub • co-author of “Accelerate” and the State of DevOps Reports.
Sensible and scalable DevOps Solutions

A DevOps practice is a constantly evolving process, and we approach it in both a pragmatic and a principled manner. We have to be practical to help you get the results you want as soon as possible, and we also follow widely accepted DevOps practices to ensure that your foundation carries you far into the future.

Devops service portfolio
Map • Optimize • Augment

We help cross-functional engineering teams working with DevOps take their first steps or take it to the next level. We support you throughout your DevOps improvement journey by helping you:

■ Assess and plan your overall DevOps roadmap and next steps and improvements.

■ Get the most out of your existing DevOps practice and technology.

■ Implement new automation, testing, monitoring, and other tools that will allow you to level up.

There is no standard way of adopting and growing a DevOps practice, as every organization has different objectives and constraints and will need to follow a discrete path. We are here to help you assess and plan your first or next moves and to plot a realistic roadmap that will help you navigate toward desired capability maturity levels.

Optimizing DevOps never stops! We can help you capitalize on your existing operation by integrating tools and systems you already have, as well as by working with you to strengthen your agile planning, automation, testing, and monitoring practices. Constantly improving your DevOps can have tremendous impact on time-to-value, product quality, and total cost and efficiency.

We can also design and deliver specific technology projects that will improve your capabilities in terms of technology, process, culture, and other relevant areas. Performance partners with leading vendors and has a proven track record in domains such as “shift-left” testing automation, container and developer platforms, infrastructure automation, enterprise agile planning, application monitoring, and more.

We love GitHub and we grok Microsoft Azure

DevOps with GitHub on Microsoft Azure

We use strong processes to guarantee your success throughout the whole process of deploying DevOps with GitHub on Microsoft Azure, from the assessment stage through design, testing, implementation, and post-implementation phases.

Our main goal is to help you embrace secure software engineering, using DevOps fundamentals on GitHub and Azure, to deliver modern services quicker, more often, and at higher reliability rates.

Indicative DevOps improvement areas

Although there is neither a single starting point for a DevOps journey nor an end destination, it is helpful to have a sort of roadmap that will guide you toward, and through, "maturity" levels, like the ones defined in the Capability Maturity Model.

We can also discuss and create your own "DevOps capabilities model," wherein we will define your goals for each of the five typical CMM levels (initial, repeatable, defined, managed, optimized). We can also evaluate and design specific projects and deliverables for each level in terms of technology, process, culture, and other relevant areas.

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