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Analytics Solutions

If you do not measure it, you cannot improve it

Lord Kelvin

The above quote is even more timely today, than 100 years ago.

Companies collect and accumulate vast amounts of data, while at the same time are struggling to make sense of it.

Operation Analytics, Workflow Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Financial Analytics, are some of the areas where Analytics (the Science of Analytics) is applied, to bridge the gap between  data, information, knowledge, and ultimately decisions.

At the same time, “a picture is a thousands words” (Chinese proverb), and interactive Visualisation is a necessity for understanding the ever more complex business world through increased use of the human visual and cognitive capabilities.

At Performance Technologies, we offer products and services to enable our customers exploit the benefits of Analytics in their Enterprise.

Our product offerings include VERTICA, an Analytics massively parallel, database platform from Microfocus, and Tableau, a State of the Art, Interactive Visualisation and Business Intelligence platform.

The two systems work together in harmony; Vertica can retrieve, store, organise, and optimise unlimited amount of structured and semi structured data, perform regular database queries, run efficiently analytical functions, while Tableau empowers the users with visual exploration, and analysis of all layers of the Analytics stack: data, information, knowledge, decisions. Both systems can scale nicely to satisfy the needs of increased data sizes and intakes, end user populations, as well as of increased complexity of processing. Both have extensive integration capabilities:

Vertica can link, use, or import data from Big Data platforms, whereas Tableau can connect to any database and non database structured or semi structured data source.

As “things should be simple but not simpler” (Albert Einstein), we seek to empower our customers eliminate the accidental complexity of their implementations, due to inefficient technologies, platforms, deployments, or methodologies, while appreciating the inherent complexity of their core problems, through easier modelling, interaction, and experimentation.

Our engineering teams have hands on experience on the above platforms; we can architect, plan, install, tune, monitor, integrate them to the rest of the enterprise.

We can also assist our customers on their Analytics Stack: Data Collection, Curation, Validation, Transformations and Modelling, Descriptive, Predictive, and Prescriptive Analytics, as well as Interactive Visualisation. We offer, educational, training, consulting, and custom software development services.

Our goal is to make our customers successful in their efforts to understand, manage, and ultimately profit from a complex business environment they operate in.