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Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services

The current IT world is blown away by the innovation of trends and technologies that redefines the way business is done. As the business models, these days are extremely influenced by the regulatory and governance bodies, macroeconomics, and various critical market forces, they tend to focus on operational efficiency and effectiveness. This results in a huge burn on their revenues, capital expenditures, and cost-efficiency. Consequently, turning them to search for Managed IT Services and Providers to help address the challenges and focus on sustainable business growth.

As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) Performance technologies undertakes to run on behalf of a customer IT functions or processes, taking the full responsibility of them. This relationship is based on a contractual service-level agreement that clearly states the performance and quality metrics that the customer should expect from us.

Benefits of managed services are numerous and very important. Just to mention some of them, managed services help:

  • Predict and control your IT costs by avoiding large capital expenses, converting them to fixed monthly payments
  • Free up IT personnel and your in-house experts to deal with activities that will advance company’s core objectives and innovation
  • Keep up with technology changes / refreshes or demands in specialized IT expertise and achieve continuous technology alignment by delegating these responsibility to your MSP
  • Standardize and unify your IT environment by having services based on SLA, KPI and continuous  improvement processes and by dealing only with one point of contact – your MSP
  • Pay only for what you use and scale up as you grow

There are several types of managed services. Among them the most common are:  Managed Backup and Restore, Managed Disaster Recovery, Managed Security (systems & end users), Managed Monitoring & Administration, Enterprise Service Management and others. We offer successfully several of these services, having established long term relationship with our customers, based on operational efficiency and mutual trust.

In managed services, there is one key success factor, enterprises are looking for: The selection of a collaborative, innovative and trusted Managed Service Provider with deep industry specialization and how to plan and deliver the services. This role that Performance Technologies plays based on our proven record of knowledge and expertise, our technical capabilities and our references, some of them being among the biggest in the Greek market.