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LinuxONE protects your data better than any other server on the market.

Security on LinuxONE is deeply rooted in both the hardware and software and offers class-leading protection of your data at rest, in transit, or during use. For example, it provides features that automatically encrypt all data without requiring changes to your applications, enable you to revoke access rights even when the data has left its primary source, and allow sensitive workloads to run with higher security even on untrusted systems.

open • hybrid • enterprise

A true open enterprise hub for hybrid and cloud-native apps and services

The seamless integration of LinuxONE with Red Hat OpenShift and IBM Cloud Paks produces an open platform for large organizations that wish to create and deploy hybrid and cloud-native apps while maintaining the security and integrity of the enterprise-grade computing environment they expect.

unprecedented productivity

Phenomenal real-world productivity allows you to consolidate and scale

LinuxONE has the performance, reliability, and vertical scalability that allow you to consolidate workloads at a rate of about 10 to 1 compared to x86 based cores. For example, a single-frame LinuxONE system can scale, progressively and seamlessly, to accommodate the performance of  500 or more x86 cores in a 19″ footprint.

LinuxONE – What real TCO savings looks like

"LinuxONE can significantly drive down the cost of delivering IT services while simultaneously increasing IT operational agility."

Moor Insights & Strategy

Surprisingly lower TCO

The breakthrough consolidation that LinuxONE offers, can lead to substantial software licensing savings, important decreases in data-center capital, and operation, expenses, as well as in lower modernization project costs.

Risk mitigation

Likewise, its enterprise-grade security, and reliability traits, reduce the likelihood, and impact, of compliance, service availability, and continuity risks. In fact, the built-in features of LinuxONE lower the cost for the prevention of various risk factors.

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Please notify me when registration for the IBM LinuxONE webinar opens up

We are preparing a brief webinar for IBM LinuxONE and how it will help you with your hybrid cloud mbitions.

Stay tuned!