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IT & Enterprise service management

Traditional IT Service Management (ITSM) solutions cannot cope with the fast-changing needs of today’s businesses. Modern applications and infrastructure demand a more efficient, agile and innovative service management approach. Moreover, departments outside of IT are also looking for a solution to manage the incoming demand for services they provide to the rest of the organization. This is what we call Enterprise Service Management, which tries to bring the benefits and best practices of ITIL and ITSM to the broader organization.

Organizations therefore need a Service Management solution that combines all essential element in the best possible way: a smart service desk with an intuitive service portal, codeless configuration for multiple processes, service asset management, discovery, and task automation capabilities. A modern deployment mode utilizing micro services and containers guarantees that the solution will be easily deployable on-premises or on public / managed cloud environments, and will ensure simple upgrades to the latest versions. The new Micro Focus Service Management Automation (SMA) solution ticks all these boxes.

Apart from a top software product, organizations also need a trusted partner who can understand their processes, deploy the solution by adapting it to their needs and priorities, and provide continuous support, utilizing industry best practice and experience from other deployments. Performance Technologies has a specialized team of Consultants trained on Micro Focus SMA, who have accumulated significant experience in ITSM/ESM projects.

The combination of Micro Focus Service Management Automation solution and Performance Technologies consulting, implementation and support services guarantees a smooth and successful deployment. Depending on the customer’s requirements, the SMA solution can be deployed either on-premises or as a fully-managed service. Training services are also available for users and administrators of the platform, thus making sure that the solution will be utilized and adopted by the organization.

Performance Technologies has helped many enterprises from different industries (Banking & FSI, Utilities, Gaming, Construction, Aviation, Oil & Gas) implement ITSM best practices and obtain the ISO 20000 for IT service management. In addition, Performance has helped organizations expand their ITSM solution outside IT, managing demand for different business units, like HR, Finance, Health & Safety, etc.