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Mobile Workplace

In today’s world mobility is a paramount necessity for the business, not only for corporate enterprises but also for small and medium companies. Combined shipments of mobile devices including laptops, tablets and mobile phones continue to grow dramatically and this trend is expected to increase driven by users who utilize more than one device. Mobile devices entering the enterprise has led to over 60% of workers working outside a traditional office, transforming fundamentally the organizations operating models and focusing on end- user and employee experience.

While the shift to mobility is growing to be one of the most significant business factors in the future, it is creating challenges for both end users and IT departments. Mobile users want to be able to work seamlessly outside the office and to benefit from the capabilities of the new technologies and IT is forced to provide these means and at the same time to manage security risks presented by the data and applications leaving the corporate network. This leads to importance of the mobile workspace concept and the technologies around it.

The mobile workspace is the users’ portable working environment that gives them access to the applications, files and services they need to do their job no matter where they are and what devices they use. To implement the mobile workspace as a secure and efficient solution PERFORMANCE is bringing together all the necessary technologies such as:

          Desktop and application virtualization to ensure users are working in a virtual environment the same way they work in a physical one.


          Enterprise Device Management to secure employee-owned and corporate-owned devices  and data from increasing risks and to manage them by monitoring across the enterprise and by easily deploying policies and new capabilities.

          Network access, identity management and authentication to secure access to applications and date that users need to work with, independently of what network they use and where they are.

          Collaboration solutions that enable users to work together leading to an increased productivity.

In order to be able to bring all these technologies to the mobile workspace, PERFORMANCE cooperates with the worldwide leaders of the market including VMware, Microsoft, IBM, HPE, MicroFocus and Citrix to mention only a few. This collaboration is based on a significant investment in trainings and certifications, common events and technical cooperation in order to ensure that PERFORMANCE is constantly updating the knowledge and the skills of its personnel in order to be capable of implementing successfully advanced solutions around the mobile workspace.

PERFORMANCE’s services assess the current situation of your company and evaluate your upcoming needs, rising to the implementation of a secure and efficient mobile workspace solution and furthermore assisting you to maintain and manage it. We can do this with you, as we have already done with several other customers, and we can help you in transforming your company in an organization able to deal efficiently with the business challenges of the future.