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Microsoft Windows & SQL server Migration to Azure

“Lift and shift” your existing MS SQL and Microsoft Windows* workloads to Azure and get the performance, security, and more with 100% code compatibility, with the simplest migration path possible. 
Taking existing workloads to Azure SQL is the easy step for your immediate needs that also prepares you for the transformational leap for tomorrow.
Please download our brochure for Microsoft Windows & SQL migration to Azure

Migrating database dependent workloads is a major step in the “cloud journey” for any organization, and it’s important to understand and communicate the benefits, as well as to map out individual challenges and paths.

Ideally each organization needs a customized plan that will focus on immediate needs and quick wins (such as extending the lifecycle of EOL Windows Server, simple “lift and shift” to cloud VMs,and more), while also opening up unique cloud-related opportunities for app modernization, for the creation of entirely new services, and adopt modern cloud–native engineering practices.

Azure SQL offers an unprecedented range of options that allow you to achieve swift returns on your investment and chart your long term cloud initiatives. Performance is here to help you (1) navigate through all the options, (2) assess the pros and cons for a number of migration scenarios, and (3) to carry out the migration safely and effectively.

Why migrate your databases to Azure SQL?

Extend lifecycle of EOL apps (Windows / MS SQL)

Better performance & efficiency for existing apps

Modernize current services with minimal cost

Create innovative new applications and services

Chart and support your transformation journey

Performance Technologies is here to help you get there!

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