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Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Solutions
Manage demand with connected clouds
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Why hybrid cloud?

Massive global change has brought hard choices. Technical limitations shouldn’t compound them. In a well-coordinated hybrid cloud, open infrastructure tools give you the flexibility to scale up when customers and teams need more, pull back when circumstances demand it, or hold steady until conditions change.

What’s your challenge? 

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I need to reduce my virtualization licensing fees

Stop paying so much for decades-old technologies and insufficient architectures. Never mind the new features you don’t even need. Get out of increasingly expensive enterprise license agreements (ELAs) by migrating your virtual infrastructure to Red Hat.

Red Hat solutions minimize migration risks and provide a flexible foundation for both new growth and existing workloads. By deploying an infrastructure built on our open source technologies, you can simplify your IT stack while still maintaining your ability to do whatever you want with (or without) any software, vendor, or product.

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I need to save on infrastructure costs while minimizing risk

You can’t afford to spend money on anything that’s not crucial. Simplicity is the key to a more efficient, cost-effective IT ecosystem. By standardizing your operating environment on Red Hat® infrastructure, you can reduce the resources needed to deploy, update, and maintain systems.

Red Hat HCI solution gives you control over costs and complexity, without compromising stability, security, and compliance. The result is a standardized platform across physical, virtual, private cloud, and public cloud environments that work as well with one another as they do with your existing technologies and processes.

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I need a stable operating environment that can scale when I’m ready

Will the IT stack that supports your organization today be able to sustain it tomorrow? Optimize, and you can prepare your infrastructure for future expansion to cloud while maintaining the systems that run your business today.

And since every cloud is unique, you need an operating system that can do anything. The only operating systems that can do everything are open source operating systems, like Linux®.

Be ready for (inevitable) change

Red Hat Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure Solutions

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