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Secure your cloud workloads with VMware Carbon Black


How to Secure Workloads in Hybrid Clouds

VMware Carbon Black provides security for workloads and containers, and can help secure the environment by providing visibility into what’s happening on the host, identifying and blocking malicious activity, and protecting sensitive data. It also allows IT admins and security teams to collaborate and share information, gives visibility into workloads and containers, and provides feedback about potential malicious activity.

Join us for a brief webinar where you will (a) get an overview of the primary pain points that we need to address for cloud workloads, (b) see how VMware Carbon Black helps IT, admins, and security teams work better together, and (c) watch a quick demo of the features that pertain to workload and container security.

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Sept. 5 @ 11:30 AM


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How to secure workloads in hybrid clouds

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