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Cloud Workload Protection: How to Secure Workloads in Hybrid Clouds

Although it’s at the center of digital transformation, hybrid cloud poses challenges like increased complexity and risk, not to mention the headaches of aligning the many siloed teams that are stakeholders in the performance, availability, and security of cloud workloads.

Read about how to operationalize and simplify cloud workloads for security teams and IT admins

Learn about the four steps you need to operationalize and simplify workload security

■ Step 1: Minimize agent overhead

■ Step 2: Share visibility into vulnerabilities

■ Step 3: Automate risk prioritization

■ Step 4: Streamline workload processes

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Also available – "Cloud Workload Protection" white paper to learn strategic and tactical insights into how you can:

■ Overcome the challenges of securing cloud workloads across private, public, and hybrid clouds.
■ Redefine risks in three key steps.
■ Evaluate requirements with a cloud workload protection checklist.
■ Leverage built-in and distributed security for cloud workloads.