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VMware Workspace One – Putting Employees First

vmware workspace one

The Case for Why IT Should Put Employees First

For decades, IT organizations were in charge of deciding which devices and apps employees could use, and making sure they didn’t break the rules. IT was the gatekeeper of technology, and focused on meeting employee needs—not necessarily fulfilling their wants. VMware Workspace ONE can transform your organization’s approach to employee engagement.

An Employee–Centered Approach has Big Benefits

When IT actively helps employees do their best work, it moves the entire business forward.

Consumer-simple business apps drive new levels of productivity

When apps are accessible from any device, employee performance soars

Engaged employees drive innovation and customer experience

5 Ways to Improve Employee Experiences

1. Meet wants, not just needs

Just checking the box on requirements is no longer enough. IT can help the business attract and retain great talent by supporting the new apps, devices, and workstyles employees want.

2. Create a culture of choice

Give employees a voice in how they work and what technology they use. Offering self-service and freedom helps employees feel valued, and supports them in doing their best work.

3. Make onboarding simpler

First impressions are crucial. Aim to eliminate frustration, confusion, and extra steps. Help people feel successful with the apps they need to do their jobs and make connections.

4. Listen to employees

Gain insights from employees by listening and observing to understand the why behind how they work. Using empathy can help you be more innovative in developing employee experiences.

5. Aim for continual improvement

Look for opportunities to make things better. Where can you reduce friction, add personalization, and make digital experiences friendlier and more intuitive?

Build a Better Digital Workspace Strategy

A digital workspace is more than a checklist of technology, tools, and operations. It’s an ongoing conversation between IT and employees. To make it better, IT teams need a solution that helps them put employees first while minimizing risk to the business.

VMware delivers an intelligent, automated digital workspace platform that enables IT to provide personalized, intuitive experiences that allow employees to access the apps and data they need. With it, you can meet the rising expectations of employees and business partners while securing apps and data in a perimeter-free world.

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