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COVID-19 Corporate Prevention and Response Policy


16 March 2020 v.2.00

The actions outlined in this Corporate Policy refer to preventive actions that have been implemented or are going to be implemented by Performance Technologies in relation to measures to address COVID-19.

Changes to the operation of the Company

  • A crisis management team has been set up to coordinate and respond rapidly to developments.
  • A complete business continuity plan has been developed, tested and is in operation for the smooth operation of the company and the provision of services to its customers.
  • The critical functions of the company have been identified and measures have been designed that include the allocation and redistribution of the company’s resources to maintain these functions, in case of need.
  • Communication with our partners has been established regarding their own business continuity plans.
    • A teleworking policy applies to all employees, with prior consultation with their supervisors.
    • Internet communication and collaboration procedures are implemented using the appropriate software tools.
    • Visitors are temporarily banned from the Company premises, except in special cases
    • Performance Technologies employees do not participate in meetings, training and conferences involving physical contact until further updates.
    • A special purpose permit for workers is provided, in accordance with the Legislative Act issued by the Government.

Travel policy

  • All trips abroad are suspended. If a worker is currently or resides abroad in a country with a COVID-19 local transmission, after returning, he will work from home and monitor his health for 14 days.
  • It is recommended to postpone domestic business trips and replace them with remote communication and collaboration tools (web conference, teleconference etc.)
  • All training, conferences and meetings for more than 5 people are suspended
  • All meetings with partners who come from or have been abroad are canceled. Employees who have met with partners from overseas, from countries with COVID – 19 local transmission, will work from home and monitor their health for the next 14 days.

Disinfection – Hygiene measures

  • Alcohol disinfectants are available throughout the Company premises and regular disinfection of surfaces and work equipment is carried out.
  • Preventive disinfection is applied in Company public areas and workplaces
  • An alert mechanism is activated for possible outbreaks to alert potential contacts for further containment measures

For any issues regarding COVID – 19 and our corporate policy, you can contact us via the form at end of this page.

These guidelines will be updated as new developments occur.

At this point in time, it is our priority to ensure the health of our people and therefore our customers and suppliers. Indispensable allies in this endeavor are calm and timely information from all parties involved. For now and the foreseeable future we are working in coordination, following new updates and instructions.

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