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Encryption & Masking

Data protection solutions offered by Performance Technologies enable complete data protection, PCI scope reduction and enablement of secure analytics, with format-preserving encryption, tokenization, and stateless, on-demand key management for securing data as it is captured, processed, and stored across databases, applications, data warehouses, Big Data and cloud environments.

What is data-centric protection? 

It’s the ability to provide end-to-end protection for data in-use, in-motion and at-rest.  Voltage SecureData protects data independent of the subsystems that use it.  It protects sensitive data as soon as it is acquired and helps ensure that it is used, transferred, and stored in protected form. Selected applications decrypt the data at the time that it is processed, while others work with encrypted or masked data.

Voltage SecureData with Hyper FPE “de-identifies” sensitive personally identifiable information (PII) such as social security numbers (SSN), and other high value data, rendering it useless to attackers in the event of a security breach. This allows companies to securely leverage the de-identified data for big-data analytics, and collaborate with shared data between other agencies, contractors or companies.

Voltage SecureData neutralizes data breaches by making your pro­tected data absolutely worthless to an attacker, whether it is in production, analytic systems, or test/development systems, such as training and quality assurance.

Voltage can help:

  • Reduce audit scope, costs, system impact, and resources
  • Eliminate sensitive data from pro­duction and test systems and enable end-to-end data protection
  • Help enable compliance to data privacy regulations
  • Avoid brand-damaging, costly breaches
  • Move beyond compliance to easily weave data pro­tection across systems, devices, and platform