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Open ERP and CRM on AWS implementation for LeanIT LTD

Performance Technologies S.A. deployed Odoo ERP and CRM platform on AWS for the end-customer LeanIt LTD. LeanIt LTD was seeking a fast and reliable platform for managing and tracking internal processes and transactions between departments and between customers. OpenERP can consolidate a wide variety of business operations such as sales, supply chain etc. The solution was available through the AWS Marketplace, enabled us to respond rapidly to customer’s demands and deliver faster than deploying on premise.

Proposed Solution and Architecture: For the purposes of this deployment, the following AWS services have been utilized:

    • VPC with public subnet and Internet Gateway
    • EC2 Instance with Elastic IP
    • Dolibarr Open Source ERP & CRM for Business by Miri Infotech from AWS Marketplace

Odoo ERP and CRM was successfully showcased in a PoC scope and customer proceeded with the software product purchase. Odoo’s modular design and extreme flexibility make it suitable for LeanIt. Cost is reduced significantly, compared to an on premise deployment.