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Today, 70% of workforce communication happens outside email.

Merge1 reduces compliance and legal risk by enabling discovery of important communications sent via enterprise messaging systems. The Merge1 message capturing tool enables companies under regulatory compliance to archive non-email communications from over 100+ sources of electronic communication data such as, financial platforms, enterprise collaboration, IMs, social media, texts, and more, into any archive.

Hybrid & multi–cloud

See how NetBackup offers an end-to-end solution across clouds for snapshot orchestration, end-to-end deduplication, resilience, migration, snapshot orchestration and for disaster recovery.

Ransomware protection

See how you can use NetBackup to build a solid ransomware resiliency strategy. Keep your data safe, monitor your environment, and recover quickly in the event of a ransomware attack.

Archive for compliance

Use Merge1 to capture all business-related data from ever-increasing number of new communication channels, using your existing infrastructure, and quickly identify risks.

Turnkey simplicity:

Simplify data protection management and reduce operating overhead and expenses by deploying NetBackup Appliances. The objective is to help you focus on what matters!

Merge1 is truly a pioneer product in the compliance space. It’s an easy-to-use solution for our many complex problems. The support team is top-notch, as well.
Bo He
Vice President KKR