Performance Signature Services

Digital Experience Monitoring

Businesses have a number of new challenges they are facing, such as evolving customer expectations – customers expect things to work fast and easy. Businesses realize that there are new growth opportunities and new markets with new digital channels to service.
Performance Technologies, Master Partner of Dynatrace for Greece and Cyprus, has a successful track record of delivered customer projects around infrastructure, network, Application and End-to-End business service monitoring. Our experienced and high caliber team, the indisputable leading APM solution that Dynatrace offers, and our Master Partnership with Dynatrace, make us confident that our proposed solution will meet your expectations.

Analytics Solutions

Companies collect and accumulate vast amounts of data, while at the same time are struggling to make sense of it. Operation Analytics, Workflow Analytics, Marketing Analytics, Financial Analytics, are some of the areas where Αναλυτική (the Science of Analytics) is applied, to bridge the gap between  data, information, knowledge, and ultimately decisions.
At Performance Technologies, we offer products and services to enable our customers exploit the benefits of Analytics in their Enterprise. Our product offerings include VERTICA, an Analytics massively parallel, database platform from Microfocus, and Tableau, a State of the Art, Interactive Visualisation and Business Intelligence platform.
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Application Testing as a Service

Delivering and maintaining an in-house testing capability can be expensive. People must be managed, processes continuously improved, assets developed and enhanced, and tools supported. Although these all provide benefits to your application delivery, striking the right balance can be difficult.
Our offering brings skilled practitioners and best-in-class frameworks to enable integrated, automated, targeted testing. We also have matured testing processes and practices that will interlock with your delivery capability in traditional or DevOps settings and encourage the shift of testing earlier in delivery cycles. We emphasize increasing test automation to increase test reuse and reduce test cycle time, thereby reducing testing costs significantly.
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ESM as a Service

Enterprise Service Management (ESM) plays an increasingly important role in the operations of companies. Modern ESM platforms are not limited to IT and they aim to manage services of other departments and business units, spanning the entire organization
Performance Technologies ESM offering includes the Micro Focus Service Management Automation X (SMAX), a flexible and powerful platform that combines several capabilities
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Managed IT Services

The current IT world is blown away by the innovation of trends and technologies that redefines the way business is done. As the business models, these days are extremely influenced by the regulatory and governance bodies, macroeconomics, and various critical market forces, they tend to focus on operational efficiency and effectiveness.
As a Managed Service Provider (MSP) Performance technologies undertakes to run on behalf of a customer IT functions or processes, taking the full responsibility of them. This relationship is based on a contractual service-level agreement that clearly states the performance and quality metrics that the customer should expect from us.

Security Operations Center

At Performance Technologies, we have designed and we operate an out-of-the-box Security Operations Center (SOC) to manage and monitor security around the clock, effectively eliminating the gaps for a cyber threat to sneak through.
We provide a centralized operations center to help organizations identify, investigate, prioritize, and resolve issues that have the potential to affect the security of their critical infrastructure and data across their on-premises, cloud, and hybrid cloud critical infrastructure. We offer real-time threat detection and incident response to any identified attack, along with insights on how the attack is being executed, and what systems or data are being compromised.
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